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Custom Product Information



Tackle World offers a variety of custom product services, including power knob installation, custom rod building, and rod or reel repairs.


Power Knob Installation

Tackle World is the home of Jigging World's finest aftermarket power handles and knobs.

All Jigging World Power Handle assemblies are ready to be installed by the user.

Power knobs, however, sometimes require custom installation depending on how the original knob is on the reel handle.

If the original knob is riveted onto the handle, it has to be drilled out in order to install the new power knob.

This is a permanent modification that requires precision and appropriate tools, hence why we offer installation service.

Please keep in mind that custom installation may void the reel's factory warranty, and Tackle World will not be held responsible for any issue that may arise in regards to warranty service.


In order to request custom installation, please follow the steps below:

1. Take a look at our Power Knob selection and keep a few options in mind: Custom Install Knobs, Type B Knobs

2. Reach out to us via e-mail ( or phone (201-587-0011). They will be answered during business hours. Make sure you have your reel's model number/MPN on hand.

3. AFTER speaking to a representative and your request for custom installation is approved, please send only the handle to:

ATTN: Handle

Tackle World

174 RT-17 N

Rochelle Park, NJ 07662

*Please include a note specifying the knob of your choice, reel model, and contact information (phone preferred) and return address.*

4. Upon completing the installation, we will reach out to you for payment and ship out the handle.

*DISCLAIMER* Please inspect the newly modified handle as soon as you receive it and let us know of any questions or concern if necessary. Installation is free of charge. Shipping fees apply. In rare cases, because the installation process heavily alters the handle, nicks and scratches may occur. Tackle World will not be responsible for damages that do not hinder the performance of the reel. Please avoid installation service if you want the reel handle to stay brand new. Please keep in mind that custom installation may void the reel's factory warranty, and Tackle World will not be held responsible for any issue that may arise in regards to warranty service.