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Shimano Sojourn Spinning Rods

The new Sojourn rod line offers a great custom look at a competitive price. The blank features graphite composite construction which is light, super durable and comes in the most popular actions.
blank_v1_m56577569830917761.pngGRAPHITE COMPOSITEgrips_v1_m56577569830917762.pngEVA
Model NumberLengthPowerActionMono LineLure RatingForegrip LengthReargrip LengthGuide TypeBlank MaterialPiecesGrip Material
SJS50UL2B 5' UL F 1-4 1/32-3/16 2” 5” Graphite Graphite 2 EVA
SJS66MHB 6'6" MH F 8-17 1/4-3/4 2” 8” Graphite Graphite 1 EVA
SJS70M2B 7' M F 6-14 1/4-3/4 2” 8” Graphite Graphite 2 EVA
SJS70MB 7' M F 6-14 1/4-3/4 2” 8” Graphite Graphite 1 EVA
SJS70HB 7' H F 12-25 1/2-3oz 2” 8” Graphite Graphite 1 EVA
SJS66MB 6'6" M F 6-14 1/8-5/8 2” 7.5” Graphite Graphite 1 EVA
SJS56UL2B 5'6" UL F 2-6 1/32-3/16 2” 5” Graphite Graphite 2 EVA
SJS60ML2B 6' ML F 4-10 1/16-3/8 2” 6.5” Graphite Graphite 2 EVA
SJS60M2B 6' M F 6-12 1/8-1/2 2” 6.5” Graphite Graphite 2 EVA
SJS60MB 6' M F 6-12 1/8-1/2 2” 6.5” Graphite Graphite 1 EVA
SJS70MHB 7' MH F 10-20 1/4-1 2” 8” Graphite Graphite 1 EVA


Shipping and delivery dates are based on the AVAILABILITY of the items and the SHIPPING option.  Orders take 1-2 business days (in stock) to process for shipping.

When ordering, plan ahead as delay, damage or loss can happen within any type of carrier. For any urgent orders, please contact us directly prior to order placement so that we can accommodate your needs.  Random authentication may take place for quality service.

Shipping department is open Monday through Friday from 9AM-2PM EST and closed for public holidays.

Free shipping only for orders over $100.00 in continental USA, EXCLUDING rods, blanks and other oversize items.  We offer UPS for RODS and REELS due to delivery concerns. Small Rods and Reels will ship by USPS.  All RODS and REELS require Signature Confirmation.

Rod/Oversize Shipping Policy
Shipping fee shown for rods and oversized items is ONLY APPLICABLE to shipping addresses within the CONTIGUOUS US.
If you would like to have the rod/oversized item shipped outside of the contiguous 48 states, please contact us at for exact shipping fee and to place an order.
Any rod/oversize order from non-contiguous US will be canceled and fully refunded without notice.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

International (PAYPAL only) 

International orders only by UPS for delivery concerns.


If you are ordering such items, please contact our customer service for the exact shipping quote and to place the order.

PLEASE check your shipping address before placing an order.  We are not responsible for shipment delay, loss or damage due to incorrect address.

We do not under-declare shipment values.

Once shipped out of our warehouse, tracking and further-coordinating with your local carrier is the sole responsibility of you as the buyer.


Return Policy

Only New and Unused items within 14 days of delivery qualify for full refund returns. Original box, papers, parts, tags and/or other packaging has to be returned with the product.  Refunds will take place within a week after verification.

NON-Jigging World item defects: Please contact the manufacturer for direct replacement or warranty repairs.