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Van Staal VS X-Series Spinning Reels

The All-New Van Staal X-Series 
FlatWrap™ Oscillation:
  • Perfect line lay every time
  • Optimized for braided superlines
  • Increased casting distance and control
Patented Sealed Drag System:
  • Responsive linear drag curve
  • Wider-range of power settings
  • MicroClick™ tuning accuracy

VS100SX/VS100BX 300 yds. / 10 lb. 350 yds. / 20 lb. 4.75:1 11.2 oz. 2.000" 27.0" / Turn
VS150SX/VS150BX 360 yds. / 12 lb. 440 yds. / 30 lb. 4.75:1 12.0 oz. 2.255" 30.0" / Turn
VS200SX/VS200BX 400 yds. / 15 lb. 500 yds. / 40 lb. 4.75:1 21.6 oz. 2.500" 33.5" / Turn
VS250SX/VS250BX 350 yds. / 20 lb. 600 yds. / 50 lb. 4.75:1 22.4 oz. 2.750" 36.5" / Turn
VS275SX/VS275BX 425 yds. / 20 lb. 400 yds. / 80 lb. 4.75:1 24.0 oz. 3.000" 40.0" / Turn


Shipping and delivery dates are based on the AVAILABILITY of the items and the SHIPPING option.  Orders take 1-2 business days (in stock) to process for shipping.  Mishaps can happen in USPS shipment (delay/damage/loss).  Any urgent orders, please contact us, preferably in advance, so that we can accommodate your needs.  Random authentication take place for quality service.

Our shipping department is open Monday to Friday and closed for public holidays.

Free shipping only for orders over $100.00 in continental USA.  (except rods and large items).  We offer UPS for RODS and REELS due to delivery concerns (OBO).   Small Rods and Reels mostly by USPS.  All RODS and REELS require Signature Confirmation.


International (PAYPAL only) 

International orders only by UPS for delivery concerns.

PLEASE confirm shipping address.  We are not liable for wrong address.

We do not under-value your orders. 

Once shipped out of our warehouse, it is no longer our responsibility to follow thru.


Return Policy

Only New and Unused items within 14 days of delivery qualify for full refund returns.  Refunds will take place within a week after verification.

NON Jigging World defects:  Please contact the manufacturer for direct replacement or warranty repairs.  

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